To improve the quality of the wines, the technological improvements in production and the creation of an aging cellar for 1,000 oak barrels were key moves. The installations have always been sized for gradual, sustainable growth that safeguards the quality of the wines.

Since 1951, after the distributor Francisco Quintana became a partner, the winery opened up markets in Austria, Germany, Benelux, Denmark, England, Switzerland, USA and Japan, among others countries, all the while gaining presence in La Rioja and the rest of the country. Export make up 40% of sales.

In 2010, the winery was taken over by Bodegas Navarro López, from Valdepeñas, belonging to the family of the same name, also with a deep roots in the world of wine, since 1904, whose history has been parallel to that of Bodegas Valoria. With them, taking advantage of the distribution channel of Navarro López, he managed to boost his sales figures and market more than 70% in exports and 30% in his national sales.

One day today, a presentation as one of the wineries with the greatest projection of all Rioja, expanding its expansion line and growing sublime.